The best support network
for your pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting times of our lives, but sometimes it can also be a bit overwhelming.
Having someone to talk to about this life changing journey can make all the difference.
Bumply connects you with other pregnant people in your area, so you can share the highs and lows of pregnancy, building supportive friendships that will prove invaluable both during your pregnancy, and once your baby is born.

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Connect and chat with others!

Find someone who looks friendly on Bumply?
Someone in your neighbourhood having a baby at the same time as you?
Send a ‘Bump’ to let them know you’re there too. Once they ‘Bump’ you back, you can start exchanging messages in Bumply’s dedicated chat section.

Join or organise events

Bumply lets you join events created by other users and create your own.
If meeting people one-to-one is not your thing, why not organise a coffee at your favourite café, yoga in the park, or simply a walk by the river?
Just another way to meet new friends and make the most of your pregnancy!

Get informative articles

Bumply gives you weekly articles relevant to your current stage of pregnancy. The articles are written by real doctors and midwives and contain helpful information and tips about pregnancy.
We hope they will empower you with knowledge and help you feel prepared for each stage of your pregnancy as it arrives.
Want an article on something specific? Email us at and we’ll see what we can do.

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